Monday, 30 April 2012

Dundee; City of Discovery

The inspiration for my blog is Dundee. Its where I am currently studying and live and it has also got so much going on at the moment that people are becoming more drawn to the place. Dundee is having major renovations of its waterfront which will include Dundee having the V&A here. So I thought that with Dundee having major renovations I wanted to create a blog that could give you the skills to renovate your old clothes. I also want to show some street style of people in Dundee and some of the work that I produce while studying here.

DIY Prom Dress

So this is my first post! I thought I would write about one of my first DIY clothing projects. This is my prom dress that I wore to my 6th year prom, the dress when I got it was plain and had some detail at the bottom. When I got it I wanted to add some more detail so headed to my local haberdashery and bought some ribbon, trimmings, sequins and decorated my dress to make it more interesting. I made a belt with ribbon and fastened it with a flower and sewed trimmings on the top of the dress and lastly sewed some detail and sequins on the bottom. It was my way of making a prom dress that I liked without the price tag. Sorry I have searched and don't have any before pictures.