Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Hey guys, so I recently got myself a brand new phone as I was able to upgrade my phone contract and all that. So to cut a long story short I decided to get the IPhone 4S as my boyfriend got it a a month before me and I really liked it. So after getting it set up I decided to start downloading all the endless apps that I wanted to play with, one of them being Instagram. Loads of my friends use Instagram and because I used to have a Blackberry I was not able to use it before. So I have been having great fun with it so far and have been learning the basics. So I just wanted to show you some of my early Instagram images.

First Instagram Picture!

Messy Art Students Desk

Unwell Face 

Outfit of the Day shot

Time to dye my hair

My new babies. I love shoes. There will be a blog post on these soon!

A Capri Sun bag that I made for College

So what do you think of my images so far? Are any of you Instagram experts? Also if you want to follow me at all click right HERE
Thanks for reading!
Hey and watch out 'cause in the next few days I am going to have a few great new posts up about my new shoes featured in this post and about my College Fashion Designs so keep an eye out!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Crisp Autumn Leaves

Here I am writing to you from my sick bed as at the moment I am completely choked with the cold! Blocked nose, sore throat the lot! So whilst I'm trying to get a bit of rest I thought I would try and write up another post. So yesterday after being at College I came home then had to head to the shops to get some food and as I was walking to the shops I couldn't help but keep noticing the beautiful colours of the trees and all the leaves scattered on the ground. So I decided to take some pictures of the trees and leaves (with my new phone!). 

So after me taking pictures I decided to go on Pinterest and Tumblr and see what nice Autumn images I could find and I found these beautiful pictures!

So do you enjoy Autumn? are you experiencing the same lovely colours that I am at the moment?

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Baby its cold outside!

As I live in the forever frosty Scotland we always have our woolly jumpers and thick jackets at the ready but I feel like Winter has crept up on me even quicker this year. I'm waking up in the night freezing, my heating is getting turned up full blast and the car is having to sit with the engine on for a few minutes before I can start driving. So with these notions of Winter I thought its time for a new coat. I seen one I really loved in Primark but couldn't afford it at the time as my car decided that it needed some major repairs. So here I am cold and coat-less when my boyfriend surprised me by buying it for me! (Yes he is awesome) So here I have decided to take some pictures of my with my new coat! Ohh I also have a new shirt on too, enjoy! 

Print of my new top, Foxy! I love it so cute

Detail of my jacket, Tartan! 

Jacket- Primark
Shorts- Topshop
Tights- Next
Boots- River Island 

So what do you think of my Winter wear? Have you started preparing for Winter or are you lucky and live somewhere warm?
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Lines and Grids Presentation

So I am doing my presentation for my Textile Accessory Advanced class and I have decided to do it on my blog so I hope you enjoy it guys!
For my Textile Accessory Advanced class this year in College the theme was either Nightmares or Lines and Grids. I was drawn to the theme of Lines and Grids more quickly and I soon came up with my own idea to go along with the brief. I started to look at the idea of "Going on a Journey" from looking at maps to the transport of getting there and finally what you see when you finally get there and the Journey that I decided to use was from when I went to Paris last year.
I started by looking at maps as we use maps to plan out our Journeys, so I done work looking at maps and the shapes of the lines.


I then started to look at the patterns of the lines of the metro map in Paris.  


I then looked at the shapes of the map and created a pattern below


This is the pattern I have created from looking at the Paris Metro Map

Here I am looking at the Metro in Paris and Maps of Paris. I then started to look at some of the sights of Paris and this next sight I love! when I visited it I didn't know what it was but have since looked it up and now know what it is, this is a bridge of love and the idea is that you get a padlock and write your name and the person you love's name on it and then lock the padlock onto the bridge and throw the key into the water forever locking your love. What a beautiful sentiment! after looking at the bridge I liked the pattern of the grids that the bridge has so done some mark making techniques to represent the grid of the bridge. 

Here I have made a page of love in my sketchbook 


Here I have done a mark making technique looking at making grid shapes by using masking tape to create the lines. 


Again here I am looking at mark making and have again used masking tape to create the lines.

I then moved on to looking at the Eiffel Tower, which is a very iconic landmark of Paris but still a very amazing one!


Here I have done a quick sketch of the Eiffel Tower looking at the lines. I have just used a black pen and water to do the sketch.


I then started trying different mark making looking at the Eiffel Tower and started with free stitch on the sewing machine to create a loose image of the Eiffel Tower. 


I then started to look at Notre-Dame and the rose window. The rose window was my main interest when I went on to mark making. So here I have started by doing some cut outs of the window.


I then started cutting out windows again and printing through the windows.


I then done some more cut out windows but this time I done a free stitch of an Eiffel Tower to put in behind the windows so its like you are looking through the windows to see something else. 

A close up of the windows.

I started to look at rail tracks as when I was in Paris I used the Metro and train a lot so done a bit of track mark making. 


After Looking at this project I started to look at Artists and Designers that relate to the work that I am doing. So I came across (Thanks to my friend Nicole) an artist called Matthew Cusick. He has made some beautiful collages from thrown away road maps.  

The next artist that I found is Robert Delaunay. He co-founded the Orphism art movement but his later work became more abstract. 

So because the aim of the class is to design and make three textile accessories I have started to look into accessories that interest me.  

Travel bag by Disaster Designs 

Wash bag by Disaster Designs

Zipped fabric suitcase

White shawl

Black body shawl


This project has been personal to me because me and my boyfriend travelled to Paris last year and all of the Paris photos are my own, so I will finish the presentation on a personal note. 
Me and Jak in Disneyland Paris messing about with hats! haha 

Remember and check back on my progress and see how my designs come along!