Saturday, 20 April 2013

Feeling Blue!

This week I had an amazing surprise when I got a beautiful dress sent to me from I was allowed to pick my favourite dress and believe me it took me a long time to choose! For someone like me (a poor student) I don't own many formal dresses so picking something formal was an absolute dream. I eventually settled on a beautiful A-line, one shoulder dress. The best thing that I felt was that the dress is custom made to your order so there were no issues of ill-fitting dresses and you can even pick the colour that you prefer the dress in. I eventually decided on a lovely dark blue chiffon.

I just love the dress I feel so feminine as I am the sort of girl to live in her Doc Martins and army boots. I think that my favorite part of the dress is the detailing. The one shoulder design with the flowers, I just love!
Have a special occasion coming up? I would highly recommend to find the perfect dress instead of slouching around the shops!

So what do you guys think? I love to hear your thoughts.

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