Sunday, 29 July 2012

Modern Day Rocker

Two posts in one day now you are lucky, this never happens with me. Anyways was playing about with Polyvore (I'm a newbie) and came up with this.

I created the look by mainly focusing around the Jeffrey Campbell shoes as they are extremely big on the high street at the moment. I was looking at rock, punk fashion as I created this look but I was aware when putting it together that I wanted it to look glamorous and edgy. I have to say my favourite items here are the spiky cuff, the shoes and the high waisted leather shorts.

Wild Thing

As I live in Scotland the occasion is rare when we get a sunny day (especially this Summer) so as the sun was sorta shining I decided to go to the Wildlife Park with my Boyfriend. We got to see Bears, Lemurs, Wolves,  Peacocks and loads more.

Lemur, We called him King Julian like from Madagascar
Giant but very cute Rabbits
Mr. Sleepy Bear

When I came home it occurred to me all the animal based items I had in my wardrobe so I have picked out a few to show you.

So here is my turtle necklace and I thought I would include a picture of a Tortoise that I seen today at the Wildlife Park.

My Peacock earrings with Mrs. Peacock underneath with her little baby Peacocks.

This is my bird pendant a friend bought it for me years ago and I love it, I love how he is holding a wee gem in his mouth.

Its not all about the jewellery, here I have my Wolfbeater Iron Fist heels. I love the heel being a different colour and texture from the rest of the shoe. And below is a picture of a White Wolf at the Wildlife Centre.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

It's always nice to get new things

I have to say when it comes to buying clothes as of recent I don't do it often due to the fact that I'm a skint art student that spends all her money on art materials and bills. So when it was my birthday this month and I got some spending money and Topshop vouchers I was so excited to go spend on some clothes.

I started by buying this ring from Maggies Farm in Dundee (FYI, if you are in the Angus area and have not been to this shop yet it is a must) I loved it as soon as I seen it on their Facebook page. It's a seven dwarfs two finger ring at £12.

My next purchases were the Buddha bracelet from Topshop along with the dip dye jumper. I loved the jumper as soon as I saw it because of the leather shoulder patches with spikes. The jumper suits being worn baggy and I'm wearing it here with my red creepers and high waisted shorts.

This was a gift given to me by a friend and I love it! I love long necklaces and have worn it with so many things since I got it. Plus the wee elephant is soo cute!

Dear Creepers, I'M IN LOVE. That is all.

 This dress was also a present, its a Hell Bunny dress and I love it because of the print as its flying "My Little Pony's" with cupcakes and Panda's. Now what is not to love with that?

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Fashion Show Time!

I know, I know! I have been terrible at this blog thing lately I think because its Summer I'm completely out of routine so I have a lot of catching up to do on here which believe me I do intend to do. A month or so ago I put a post up about how I designed a poster for the Fashion show well the Fashion show has now been and gone. A lot of hard work went into it but it turned out amazing and I have brilliant pictures of my designs by the brilliant Oliver F Urqurkursen
Ryan wears Jacket designed by me

Ryan wears wrap designed be Me

My hat worn by Jennifer

My dress is the one on the left hand side

All Photos and rights belong to Oliver F Urqurkursen and if you want to visit his Facebook then please follow the link.