Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Customise whats in your Cupboard

Sorry guys my blog got rather neglected as of recent but everything has been a bit hectic between helping out at the Fashion show at College and signing off my classes for the end of term. So Summer is here! well if your like me and live in Scotland we don't ever experience much of Mr sun. But the thought that better weather may be upon us soon is nice. So with this thought in mind I decided to raid my cupboard and look for some old clothes to renovate and found these old shorts. They are a bit on the faded side and I never wear them so thought that these are the perfect to customise. 

I started by turning down the shorts to give them a bit more length.


I then cut into the shorts to give them a rough edge as I want the edge to look raw and distressed.

I then wanted to bleach the shorts at the bottom to give them a new lease of life and also in shops like Topshop and River Island there are currently alot of bleached denim looks. I made a bleach solution with one part bleach and three parts water and used a sponge to put it onto the shorts. Always wear gloves when doing this.

 Front View 

Back View

I then wanted to add something more so I decided to add some fabric glitter, the one I use is Pebeo Fabric Glitter which you can find from most art stores. I got a stiff paint brush and painted glitter on the back and front of my shorts.

Front View

Back View

Lastly I used a wire brush to distress the edge of the shorts to give them a frayed look.


So there you go! A new pair of shorts without the cost. 

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  1. I LOVE those shorts!



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