Thursday, 7 June 2012

For Vintage Lovers Everywhere!

Recently after a lot of stressful coursework I noticed that in Edinburgh there was a Vintage fair that could be calling in at the HMV Picture House. It looked great! It was not far to travel from Dundee and the idea of a room full of Vintage clothing is just heaven. The Fair goes by the name of Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair and it travels the country stopping at various venues and sets up for the day with its many sellers and stalls. As me and my friend Kat arrived the place was an array of clothing and it was so exciting to be there. There was an area where hairdressers were giving girls 1950's hair makeovers and upstairs there was a cookies and cocktails bar and I don't even know where to begin with the clothes. From Vintage Doc Martins to 60's dresses. The word affordable for the event was appropriate as there was rails with £5 and under, you certainly would not be breaking the bank to get a one off piece here. 
After me and Kat spend a fair amount of time in the Fair we headed along (whilst in Edinburgh) to a shop in known by quite a lot of people for being a Vintage clothing hot spot or also known as Armstrongs the shop has existed in Edinburgh for a long time and has an outstanding name for itself and has grown to own more than one shop now, but the biggest shop being on the Grassmarket. The shop is overloaded with interesting pieces that you really rummage for. Personally I have my eye on this amazing red Military style vintage jacket for my boyfriend whether he
wants it or not.

You don't have to traipse around the country to find Vintage though, places like Ebay are getting a great name for finding some vintage bargains on them. Or even if you like the Vintage look but necessarily don't want the real deal you can get some brilliant vintage look a likes. 

To help you get your perfect Vintage look here is some Vintage clothing and Images that I just love!

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  1. Really gutted that I couldnt make it to the vintage market thing! :(

  2. I like dita and marilyn, great post. kisses


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