Sunday, 23 September 2012

Predicting the Fashion Future

So as I said a few posts ago I have been super busy since being back at College. Well I thought I would show you what my latest stresser has been! So for my garment construction class we are having to design and make a mini collection as part of our course guidelines. We were told we had to look into future trends that would be hitting the catwalk from Summer 2013 onwards. We do this by looking at Textile View magazine and choosing some of the trend predictions. After ALOT of time spent looking through magazines I finally decided on two trends. My first trend I picked from Summer 2013 with the name swishy. We had to do our own take on the trends and make them unique to us so I renamed the trend, "Living in a Fantasy World". I looked into using lightweight fabrics and soft floaty colours which was translated into my mood board.  So below is my Living in a Fantasy World mood board.

I then picked my second trend, which I wanted to be completely different from my first choice. So I picked the Summer 2014 trend Into the Circus which I renamed "The Big Top". Which involves inspiration from everything in the Circus looking at the clowns costumes and the different performers. I looked at bright colours and synthetic fabrics which again I then translated into my mood board.

So after presenting these to trends to my tutor and classmates they all voted on which trend I should carry forward to start my designs. And the trend that was picked was...*drum roll* THE BIG TOP! I am very excited to get started now and I shall make sure to keep you all updated on my final designs! So if it was you that got to pick your favourite trend out of the two here what would you pick? 


  1. These look fantastic! It looks like you put a lot of thought into these inspirations!

  2. you put together some great boards! your professor will be very impressed. good luck!

  3. Wonderful! I love your boards. I really like "The Big Top". The colors and pictures you chose are great :)


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  5. This is such a lovely post! I love all the colors you chose. Amazing work!
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  9. I really loved your blog and your style! It looks so elegance and stylish. I am following you definetly and if you follow me too i will be so happy :)


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