Monday, 10 September 2012

Dearest Apologies

My lovely followers I start off with a MASSIVE apology for being neglectful and ignoring my blog for the past week or so but I do have an excuse and a good one, I promise! I have just started back at College and been super busy starting new art projects (which I bet your dying to see haha) and have not had time to post regularly but I am now slightly more settled and have written some posts for you guys to enjoy. So whats to look forward to you ask? My new bright purple hair, some pictures I have taken towards the end of my Summer and some art work maybe? But lets get on with this post. Today's post is all about my new studded collar blouse I got which I love and the outfit that I put together with it, I hope you enjoy!

Top- Primark, Shoes- River Island, Shorts- Topshop


  1. gorgeous look, love the necklace !


  2. This is always a really busy time of year! Loving this look. Those boots are amazing!


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