Friday, 24 August 2012

Blog Award

I am so excited and happy to have recieved this from Nikki from Note-able Chic. I really am extremely happy because I never thought people would be genuinly interested in what I had to say.
The rules of the award are as follows   
1. When you recieve the award thank the person that gave you it and post the link to his/her blog in your post. 
2. Then you (receiver of the award) post eleven things about yourself
3. Answer the eleven things that tagger has set for you
4. Choose eleven inspiring bloggers with under 200 followers and link their pages in your post. Then create eleven questions for them to answer
5. Go to their pages and tell them
6. No tag backs!
Eleven Facts about me 
1. I am forever changing my hair as I am a hair dye addict
2. I will forever be a rock and roll child
3. I love animals especially dogs and I have grown up with them
4. I have two tattoo's one of them being a tribute to my favourite band
5. I love Vivienne Westwood and her earlier collections are my favourites
6. As long as I have Fashion or Textiles in my life I will be happy
7. I watch loads of trash TV, sometimes its just too funny
8. I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 2 years, he is a good guy :)
9. I love Irn Bru if you don't know what it is, google it. Its glorious
10. I would love to run my own business someday
11. Dominos pizza's are amazing
Eleven of the questions asked by Nikki
1. When do you feel most beautiful? Probably when I am all dressed up for a night out with friends
2. Where do you go/ what do you do that puts you in a good mood? Simple things make me happy. Spending time with friends and family always puts me in an amazing mood
3. If you were to get a tattoo tomorrow what would it be? I already have two, but I don't really know what else I would get maybe something artistic?
4. What is the most amazing thing a friend has ever done for you?  Make me smile when I'm sad :)
5. Long hair or short? Long
6. Tea or Coffee? Coffee
7. Favourite perfume? Naughty Alice- Vivienne Westwood
8. What is the best book you have ever read? Definatley the Harry Potter books
9. What is something you wish you could but you feel you can't? Fly? haha
10. What is the prettiest or nicest name? I really like Holly
11. What is your favourite place that you have ever travelled to?  France! I love it there 
Here are eleven great blogs that I have nominated to recieve this award

And now my eleven questions are:
1. Whats your best memory?
2. Chocolate or Crisps?
3. What is your favourite film?
4. If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be? and why?
5. What is your favourite item of clothing and why?
6. Summer or Winter?
7. Would you ever move to another country and if so where?
8. If you could be a superhero which one would you be?
9. Who are you most similar to in your family?
10. What's more important hair or make-up?
11. Cupcakes or ice-cream?

Again thank you to Nikki for this nomination it really means allot and I really am honored!


  1. congrats to your award, you deserve that!

    Anyway, I followed your blog, hope you can follow back, too!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  2. congrats for the awards,
    following you now

    hope we can follow each other


  3. Becca, thank you so much for the award, I really appreciate it. :)

  4. Thanks for your comment! Followed! :)

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  5. Awesome!! What a great way to get the word out about some great blogs!!


  6. Thanks too much for this award I really apreciatte it!

  7. Becca! Thank you SO much for nominating me beautiful girl!! You are too sweet!!!!
    xoxo Darby
    Obviously Obsessed 

  8. Thanks babe, this was a lovely surprise :) made my day!

    I had received this before but did not understand what I had to do, I will definitely do this when I get time and do a link back to you. I am going to also check out everyone you nominated <3

    have a lovely day
    Brooke xx

  9. Hi, you commented on my new blog you said you have nominate me for an award i am very excited please explain..xoxo thank you very much

  10. Sorry for replying so late i was a little busy with school..

  11. I would love to win this award..xoxo

    1. All you do to claim the award is read the above post and then write a post on your blog about the award, you then need to answer the questions i have set for you, leave eleven questions for the next people and nominated eleven blogs that you think deserve the award :)

  12. Hey hun thanks so much for following me :)
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  13. Thanks for your lovely comment, this is amazing, definitly following!
    Material Fixations

  14. cute. love to read such posts :) i'm happy to follow each other. i'm your N116 follower :)

  15. Thank you Becca i will do that..
    and thank you for nominate me..xoxo kisses

  16. congrats! so cool!


  17. comgrats for the awards,
    it so nice to know more about you
    thanks for following back,
    i'm following you on bloglovin now
    hope we can follow back as well,


  18. congrats to your award, dear! you deserved that!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  19. Congrats on your award!

    This is a nice blog. Would you like to follow each other?

    Simply follow me with GFC, and then comment on any of my posts to let me know that you’re following. After that, I’ll follow you back 100%.


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