Monday, 20 August 2012

Time to revamp those t-shirts

Being a Fashion and Textiles student I always love to re-work clothing rather than throwing it away and recently I seen a image on pinterest showing a great DIY on reworking a t-shirt (if you recognise this DIY as your own from pinterest give me a message and I shall credit you). It involves an old t-shirt, a pair of scissors (fabric scissors preferably, only because they cut the fabric more easily) and ribbon.
This is the t-shirt I chose to customise because it never fits well and I never wear it because of that reason.
As I said earlier you can use normal scissors for this but it makes it allot easier if you have fabric scissors these are mine.

So with my scissors I cut the sleeves off, lowered the neckline and adjusted the hem like so.

We are nearly done, easy isn't it? so now turn over your t-shirt and grab the two back sleeves like so.

And this is when we need the ribbon I have a nice purple ribbon. You don't want the ribbon to be too thick because the straps of the top are thin so you want a thin ribbon to match. So tie your ribbon so that it joins the sleeves together and taaahhhdaaahhh your done!

The finished effect!

Now to try it on

What do you think? Do you think you would try it out?

Keep your eyes peeled in the next week as I will be doing some more DIY's


  1. That is brilliant! Period:)

  2. Amazing girl! love the shirt.

  3. it looks great!! (I especially love the bow at the back) And such a good idea as well because now the top fits you AND has a cool design :-D

    Francesca xo

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  5. Nice work dear! I like this top!

  6. uhh that's pretty cool ;) yeah, i would love to, so i'm following you, follow back ?
    btw, love the shirt honey, xoxo annie

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  8. Thank you so much dear! I made the same with a t-shirt! And I love it!
    Your t-shirt looks amazing! And I love your look!
    You have a new follower*
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    Lots of kisses*

  9. I've always wanted to make a tank from a tee as well! And that ribbon on the back is genuinely a brilliant idea <3

  10. Darling, thank you so much!
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  11. wow you're really talented !! I love the way this turned out, it's very edgy :)

    Masala Diary

  12. Looks really great.:-)
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  13. lovely DIY and lovely msg!

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  15. thanks honey, that means a lot to me <3
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  18. great DIY! You are very creative!
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  19. Great post and I love the work you've done on it. Really cool, I am now following you. x

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  20. great idea! :) i like to change my clothes myself too!

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  21. Love what u did!!! That bow detail is gorgeous :D
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  22. Love the DIY.
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  25. Very cool!

  26. Look at that, very creative.

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  30. that's such a beautiful DIY, been eye-ing tops like this too! eager to see more DIYs



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