Sunday, 5 August 2012

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

I am a girl who loves her shoes, I mean lets be honest who doesn't? but I especially have a taste for Irregular Choice shoes. If you have never came across these shoes before then hit the website now! These shoes are glorious! They are completely different from anything else. The only thing that puts people off buying them is what would you wear with them because they can be so patterned and extravagant. So part of this blog post is to show you what you could wear with the shoes and show you that they are an investment because they are timeless.


These are my purple cat boots here I have worn a patterned dungaree skirt and black vest top with them. I wanted to keep a simple colour scheme because the shoes are so patterned you want them to be the centre of attention. Skirt-Primark, Top- Primark, Shoes- Irregular Choice


Here I have got a patterned woolly jumper with high waisted shorts. Again I wanted the shoes to be the centre of attention so didn't put on anything that took away attention from that. Jumper- Primark, Shorts- Topshop, Shoes- Irregular Choice


These are one of my favourite pairs of Irregular Choice shoes because I love gladiator sandals and they are so colourful and different from what you would usually see. I have worn them with a cream coloured dress. Dress-Primark, Shoes-Irregular Choice

These shoes I think are just fabulous because of the extravagant flower rosette at the back. I love the flower at the back and as soon as I seen them I had to have them! I paired them with a simple white dress to keep a nice black and white contrast. Dress- Topshop, Shoes- Irregular Choice 

The Irregular Choice shoe line up, they are all an investment to me!  

If you have never heard or seen Irregular Choice shoes before then you should visit the website as they are amazing!


  1. wow those shoes are so unique! love them!

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  4. omg this is super cool!!!THOSE SHOES ARE FANTASTIC!!!!love it!!!!!amazing!

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  8. I love your jumper in the first photo! And I am definitely going to check out those shoes! They are all so much fun!
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  14. yes! Irregular Choice's shoes! They are so innovative and magical. I did a post expressing my love for the store. The first time I ever went in, I knew I was in love ;-)

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  15. Wow, orginal shoes ;)

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  21. Gorgeous!

  22. I adore the first boots! They're a great color.
    I know what you mean about people not wanting to wear them because they're different, but I feel like shoes are a great centerpiece in an outfit and what better way than to wear shoes that are unique. :)
    P.S. I absolutely love shoes, too!

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  38. you have wonderful legs

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