Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Hairy Subject

Dark hair with red flashes

Hair, whether it be long, short, brunette, red head or blonde we all like our hair to look nice and in some cases even make a statement. My problem was that after I started dying my hair I realised there was a hefty price tag that came along with it every time I went to the hairdressers. I am admittedly a bit of a hair dye addict and like to change my hair often so you can imagine the problem I had with the prices catching up with me.
Dark hair with blue flashes
 So I soon turned to the idea of doing my own hair, as after watching my hairdresser dye my own hair so many times I couldn't help but think, It cant be that difficult, can it. So after visiting Sallys Salon Services I bought my hair dye and after that I have never had my hair dyed in a hairdressers again because can you really compare ten pounds for the hair dye to seventy? I have dyed my hair so many colours as you can see from all the pictures that I have provided.
These are the many hair colours that I have had throughout the years.

Dark purple hair with purple flashes

Hair mostly blue 

Dark brown hair

Dark orange/brown hair

The Irn/Bru hair
Pink hair

DIY Time:
Now I am quickly going to show you how I do my hair and the products that I use.

This is my hair before I dyed it
It was Orange with Green in the fringe and I also recently got the side of my hair shaved (I know brave move!)and I dyed it to Red and Purple :)

1. I always start by having a mirror and everything I need in front of me so that midway through dying my hair I don't suddenly need anything.
2. Always use Vaseline around your hairline as it prevents dye from making marks around your hairline, as you don't want big blotches of dye on your head!
3. Always use gloves I once didn't and it took me weeks to see the end of it
4. When dying your hair always start from roots to tips as if you start the other way around it will be difficult for you to see your roots and you don't want big missed parts in your hair, you dyed it for a reason.
5. Use conditioner for bits of your hair that you don't want dyed e.g. I didn't want to dye my shaved bit red I wanted to keep it brown so I put conditioner on it to stop the dye taking to it.
6. If your planning on putting flashes of colour in your hair (like I am) always start with that first and cover the different bit of dyed hair in tinfoil as you don't want the two colours mixing, it could be like a chemical reaction haha :)
7. Its always a bit tricky to do the back of your hair if you have someone to help you then that's great or if its late at night and your boyfriend doesn't know much about hair dying then what I do is position another mirror behind you so it reflects into your first mirror so you can see the back of your head.
8. So all your hair dye is in and your chilling, to get the hair dye to come out really vibrant put some heat onto your head using your hairdryer
9. When washing your hair use water that's a bit cooler than normal as it keeps the hair colour better if you use really hot water
10. Congrats you now have amazing hair :)

Some of the products I use

My hair with hair dye in and tin foil over the dyed bit for my flashes

      The finished result! Bright red hair with purple flashes. Hmm...wonder how long it will last. 

My friends have all had their own experiences at DIY hair dying too so check out some of their results.  

 Nicole - Dip Dyed her hair to a nice Blonde Brown colour

Shannon- Dyed her hair from brown to blonde recently

 Kat- Platinum blonde hair having her blue fringe first then pink

 It's not all about the girls! Jak- dyed his hair blonde with purple fringe 

So I have shown you my way of dying hair, I am not professional in any way at all, I have just learned by doing over the years but I have had hairdressers compliment me on my hair (always a good sign). 
The best thing about dying your hair is have fun with it! it might not turn out the way you planned the first time but you will get better as you go along. 
Here are some really good photos of different hair dying techniques and colours to inspire you?

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