Sunday, 6 May 2012

Queen's Gallery

Recently we were sent on hotspot visits to various businesses in Dundee as part of setting up our blogs. The aim of the visits was to find out more about the businesses and to why they had decided to set up in Dundee and not anywhere else. We began our first visit at the Queen's Gallery where we met Joyce the owner.

She talked us through how she placed the paintings and pieces together and that she only took on professional painters. Although only taking on professional painters that doesn't necessarily mean older painters in her eyes, as she will go to Duncan of Jordanson (which is the local art school) and scout potential painters that could be in the gallery. Joyce tends to sell the most amount of paintings when she goes to art fairs in the likes of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cambridge as it brings a lot of art lovers out at the same time. When we asked Joyce the important question of why Dundee? she told us that at the time the DCA was currently opening and the area was going to become a cultural quarter so thought it would be the perfect place for the gallery. Joyce is really excited about what's happening in Dundee at the moment and says she is, "looking forward to the future". I just want to thank Joyce for her time and for allowing us to look around her gallery the work was beautiful and she was lovely to talk to.


"I am excited about where the gallery is today as its been here since 1999"

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