Sunday, 6 May 2012

Neo Design

Another one of our hotspot visits was Neo Design. Where we met Tracey who designed some of the Jewellery in the shop as well as being the owner. Tracey told us that she exhibits her own Jewellery here as well as other designers, all the jewellery sits in its own collection so it looks more like a gallery that way. We asked her what inspires her work and she told us that it used to be modern geometric shapes and patterns but now her work is more organic.

After looking around at lots of the interesting jewellery pieces in the shop and resisting buying anything, which believe me was hard. We soon got onto the topic of why did Tracey decide to open her shop in Dundee? She told us that she studied at Duncan of Jordanson and after graduating began looking to open a shop. She firstly thought of Kinross but dismissed it shortly after. She then told us it was ultimately between Dundee and Perth and she thought that Perth already had so many jewellery shops and would another make a difference? So it was only after she weighing up the two places she realised that Dundee was a "no brainer" and that it was the best place for her to set up her shop. We then quickly went on to discuss with her what her favourite thing about Dundee is, Tracey wasn't sure what her favourite thing about Dundee is but she had some interesting insight about Dundee saying that Dundee is great because everything is in reaching distance and that there is a great diversity here and she thinks the current waterfront projects will help people see that.I would like to thank Tracey for her time and for letting us see her beautiful Jewellery.

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