Sunday, 6 May 2012

Isolated Hereos

Our Last but by most certainly not least hotspot visit was to Tinroof studios where Isolated Hereos work hard on their up and coming collection. Samantha who is fresh from graduating Heriot Watt's Galashiels campus is busy tying up loose ends as its only a matter of days before her clothing collection is due. Samantha is currently producing a collection for ASOS marketplace which means she gets to control the volume of clothes and how much they sell for which suited her better as she wanted that control. Samantha explained how lucky she was as 90% of people don't get through when they apply for a spot on ASOS Marketplace and yet she got through first time. We then quickly came onto the topic of yet again why Dundee? Samantha explained to us that although going to study in Galashiels that she was originally from Dundee and that she knew there was cheap studio space here so she set herself up at Tinroof Studios. She also said that Dundee is really cheap to produce and that she knew that the prices would be really good to make her clothing here. She also decided to stay in Dundee because of the fact that its up and coming. Samantha said that one of the most inspiring places to her in Dundee is Tinroof Studios because everyone is always creating and its inspiring to be working around so many other creative minds. I want to thank Samantha for seeing us especially as she is so busy and her collection looked great.

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